Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

La Mission Restaurant

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Since 1982, LA MISSION has been known for its fresh seafood and its excellent Mexican cuisine, the hospitality, the quality of its employees, and for the slogan “SI NO TE GUSTA, NO PAGAS” (If you don’t like it, you don’t…

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La Famiglia

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This is an extraordinary Italian restaurant of exquisite dishes, from the moment you walk into the place can feel like family, it is a place where you always enjoy good care, warmth, kindness and good atmosphere. The food is excellent,…

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Casa Mediterranea

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Located in a very quiet street, this cozy little restaurant serves excellent Italian cuisine, routinely greet customers in a friendly atmosphere. The menu consists mostly of northern Italian dishes, but also bringing together the best from elsewhere, delights with its…

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Indigo Beach Club

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The Indigo buffet is designed to make people feel at home, serve fresh products of the highest quality which are constantly renewed to keep the freshness, start your day enjoying a relaxing breakfast on the beach. Choose from the Mexican…

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Kaxapa Factory

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This is a family restaurant founded in 2011, its owners from Venezuela after celebrating Christmas in 2010 with the joy of traditional flavors of Venezuelan table the idea of opening a small place where they could offer the taste…

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Coco Bongo

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Discover the best place with the best nightlife in all Latin America, coco bongo, in the heart of the Riviera Maya enjoy live performances and an excellent endless party, come and experience this unique concept. Coco Bongo is the most famous…

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We discover Merida !!

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Thanks to the newly opened highway to Merida from Playa del Carmen we are closer to our neighboring Yucatan capital. Not only that, an escape to Holbox, to visit the beautiful city of Valladolid, walk in Chichen Itza is now…

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La casa del Agua

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La Casa del Agua a unique casual fine dining restaurant in the heart of Playa del Carmen, located in the famous 5th Avenue and 2nd Street, just a few steps from the crystal waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

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La Vaquita

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La Vaquita is a known brand part of a bar chain and has also other brand. In Playa del Carmen this is the place to end your night out at. Depending on the weekday, crowd and time or season it…

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El Diez

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Meat lover this is the ideal place to share a great meal on the famous 5th in Playa Del Carmen!! Also known for its delicious pizzas, affordable wine list, impeccable service and the perfect ambience for a memorable meal. El…

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