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Agua de Mar Condos Tulum - Tulum

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On Sale Starting at US$245,000
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Water , source of life, essential resource of the earth, element that defies the rules of science and home of of the gratest mysteries of the planet, without it we would simply not exist.

Located within the new residential area “Aldea Zama” Agua de Mar is a residential concept that enjoys the privilege of being surrounded by the natural vegetation of Tulum, without disregarding comfort and exclusivity.

It consists of 2 contemporary and ecological towers, each with 12 north-south oriented departments to be favored by the winds of the area. typical regional materials like hardwood, the grass palapas and rustic stone coating were used.
In the middle of the development, there is a relaxation and entertainment area with outdoor pool and lounge area surrounded by the wonderful vegetation of the area. At the entrance to this area, palapa that serves as a common terrace for the resident gatherings. The developments design has an eco-contemporary trend, using natural materials, integrating natural vegetation and making the most of natural light. Fulfill the dream of living surrounded by palapas, stone and natural wood elements that make you feel in paradise every day.

Spacious 2 bedroom apartments from 127 m2 to 185 m2
Prices from $ 245,000.00 to $ 249.000 usd usd

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